A photographic analysis of human impact on the coastal environment as seen on a daily basis. These are images taken while collecting seaweed or walking to the beach. I have contrasted the images of litter and discarded items with photos of the ocean as as it is seen in stories and dreams. Romantic images of the water surface, the clouds and the rocks, all pure, wild and peaceful. I would hope that through this work I can make the point that this alien element does not have to be there. We do not have to stamp our footprint so heavily on the landscape. Our plastic does not have to finish its life in the gills of a fish and our cities do not have to destroy coastal habitats. Instead there is a way to work in cooperation with our environment, cleverly optimising the systems that have existed for millions of years so that we sit comfortably within them.

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Compiled as a small book as part of the larger investigation on the potentials of kelp as a material for design.


If you are interested in downloading a copy or perusing the pages yourself, get in touch through the about page.

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