kelping (verb): all sorts of experiments done with kelp. 

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surface treatment.

Methods of treating the surface to prevent rapid hydration. Agar, Cellulose and Beeswax all are effective to varying degrees.

Surface Test
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lasercutting kelp.

Initial testing to be refined further.

Laser Cutting

wash-away tableware.

Kelp tableware that can be returned to the sea. Initial tests:



A key characteristic of kelp is its ability to rehydrate almost completely from a dry state. This trait is driven by the natural environment where it grows, where waves, sun and tide are constantly drying and then wetting the kelp blades.


slip casting.

Forming kelp with a process inspired by traditional slip casting methods. Some success in creating rudimental bowl forms.

Slip Cast.jpg
Slip Cast2.jpg


Laminating kelp using methods similar to the lamination of ply-wood.


drying in the elements.

Sand-cast kelp pulp placed on a cliff edge to dry slowly in the wind, salt and sun.

Of the two different mixtures the raw kelp completely degraded and the kelp-agar mix bonded with sand to form a loose cilidrical form.

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degradable cups.

Initial tests on creating a fully degradable alternative to plastics.


kelp forms.

Experiments with methods of drying and blending.

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material mix.

Testing kelp, agar and other materials.

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